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Digital Tutors | Inking Comic Art in Illustrator

01 Introduction and project overview 02 Understanding the Width tool 03 Drawing paths for the Width Tool 04 Modifying our stroke using the Width Tool 05 Understanding the Pathfinder Panel and Shape Builder Tool 06 Beginning to ink our artwork using shapes 07 Continuing to ink our artwork using shapes 08 Using the blob brush[…]

Digital Tutors – Importing and Rendering a Stylized Environment in Unreal Engine

00 Introduction and Project Overview 01 Creating Collision 02 Creating Textures for UE4 03 Preparing UE4 Project 04 Creating Basic Material 05 Creating Parameters in Unreal Material 06 Adding Wet Surface Modifiers Using Unreal Material 07 Creating Height Map 08 Creating Height Blend Material 09 Optimizing Material Hierarchy 10 Creating Cloth Material 11 Balancing Textures[…]

Digital Tutors – Scripting a First Person Shooter in Unreal Engine

01 Introduction and project overview 02 Viewing the game level 03 Modifying the HUD Blueprint 04 Scripting weapon fire 05 Adding a particle effect to weapon hits 06 Scripting the use of ammunition 07 Creating the player Blueprint Interface 08 Creating a Blueprint and adding components 09 Scripting interaction with the Player 10 Creating GameMode[…]

Digital Tutors | Game Asset Production Pipeline in Unreal Engine

01 Introduction and project overview 02 General setup tips 03 Creating the game mesh 04 Retopologizing the blade 05 Finalizing the blade 06 Setting up smoothing groups 07 Unwrapping the UVs 08 Baking the normal and ambient occlusion maps 09 Baking the diffuse mask 10 Texturing the blade in dDo 11 Adding dirt and grime[…]

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