Digital Tutors | Creating a Blizzard Environment in Unreal Engine

01 Introduction and project overview

02 Creating tileable textures in Mudbox

03 Exporting our texture and building our material

04 Vertex painting on the model

05 Building snow structures in Maya

06 Setting up our layer shader

07 Finishing material for layered material

08 Making our second material function

09 Finishing up our second material function

10 Creating a material function Blend node

11 Finishing up our layered snow material

12 Starting our blizzard emitter material

13 Finishing our unlit particle emitter

14 Connecting our fading snow flake material

15 Finishing our velocity snow emitter

16 Starting our particle emitter

17 Finishing our snow emitter

18 Adding nodes to snow emitter

19 Creating a 3rd particle system for our emitter

20 Finishing our emitter for the blizzard effect

21 Editing our blizzard range

22 Creating decals for a snow environment

23 Creating a material for our vertex displacement painting

24 Creating vertex painting using height map and material

25 Editing materials and fog for final environment


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