Digital Tutors – Creating a Space Flight Simulator in Unreal Engine

1 Introduction and project overview

2 Creating GameMode and Pawn classes

3 Creating a Blueprint Interface to communicate with our Pawn

4 Creating a flight gate

5 Tracking the gates the Pawn flies through

6 Setting up the input bindings

7 Adding a mesh and cameras

8 Scripting camera views

9 Adjusting third person camera

10 Adding physics thruster components

11 Scripting our ship’s roll controls

12 Implementing our ship’s pitch and yaw controls

13 Scripting our ship’s thrust controls

14 Using Dynamic Material Instances to make the ship’s engines glow when active

15 Creating the user interface for the cockpit view

16 Scripting the user interface to show the ship’s pitch and roll

17 Creating the user interface for the third person camera

18 Creating a user interface widget

19 Implementing the user interface and debugging in Blueprint



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