Digital Tutors | Creating Gameplay Systems using Blueprint Features in Unreal Engine


01. Introduction and project overview


02. Default map and player setup

03. Create Blueprint to be base class for pickups

04. Finishing base class and creating subclasses

05. Using Construction Script and inheritance to create unique behavior

06. Adding materials to the pickups to create an enumeration

07. Overview of the GameMode

08. Implementing Blueprint Interface function in GameMode

09. Tracking player pickups and testing

10. Creating an Actor Blueprint to communicate the number of remaining pickups

11. Using Construction Script to set default values for variables

12. Creating and implementing Interface Messages in Blueprint

13. Implementing complex functions through Blueprint Interfaces

14. Rotating scene components towards the player

15. Implementing the core functionality of the Key Giver Blueprint Actor

16. Continuing to implement the core functionality of the Key Giver Blueprint Actor

17. Completing the implementation of the Key Giver Blueprint Actor

18. Setting up the components of the Door Blueprint Actor

19. Creating a Blueprint Interface to interact with Blueprints

20. Implementing player interactivity for the Door Blueprint Actor

21. Creating a procedural animation using a timeline

22. Using a line trace to interact with the game world

23. Using Blueprint Interfaces to simplify scripting

24. Creating a simple user interface with the HUD Blueprint

25. Creating the Blueprint Actor

26. Implementing the overlap events for the GameOverVolume Blueprint

27. Creating a new Blueprint Interface for the Character Blueprint

28. Completing the GameOverVolume Blueprint and implementing reloading of the level

29. Final level play through and course overview


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