Digital Tutors – Scripting a First Person Shooter in Unreal Engine

01 Introduction and project overview

02 Viewing the game level

03 Modifying the HUD Blueprint

04 Scripting weapon fire

05 Adding a particle effect to weapon hits

06 Scripting the use of ammunition

07 Creating the player Blueprint Interface

08 Creating a Blueprint and adding components

09 Scripting interaction with the Player

10 Creating GameMode and shootable Blueprint Interfaces

11 Creating the shooting range targets

12 Scripting the shooting range targets

13 Creating a procedurally driven animation

14 Creating the time powerup and scripting it to spin

15 Scripting the time powerup’s reaction to being shot

16 Scripting gameplay in the GameMode

17 Creating a simple User Interface in Unreal Motion Graphics

18 Creating Data Bindings

19 Completing the Game UI

20 Creating a Blueprint from a Static Mesh

21 Using an Event Dispatcher to handle game over

22 Scripting the end game button

23 Scripting a GameOverHandler Custom Event

24 Adding InputActions to our Character Blueprint

25 Creating the end of level UI Widget Blueprint

26 Completing the end of level UI Widget Blueprint

27 Scripting the Data Bindings

28 Scripting when the end of level UI displays on screen

29 Creating a secret door Blueprint

30 Scripting the secret door Blueprint

31 Completing the scripting for the secret door Blueprint

32 Testing the game


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